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June 23, 2022

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June 23, 2022

Best Business Cities for Women to Work In

A Bloomberg Businessweek analysis of how 15 global cities rank for career women shows each failing in several ways. Toronto came in first, scoring 3.66 out of a possible 5, and São Paulo last, with a 2.68 (see chart below for the rest of the rankings).  The 15 cities were selected by Bloomberg journalists based on an analysis of five areas: safety, mobility, maternity provisions, equality, and wealth (a measure of earning potential and financial independence) and weighted those equally to form an overall ranking.

Toronto’s narrow lead was based on its high mark for equality and good ratings on maternity and wealth, but a poor mobility score—a result of traffic problems and an aging subway network. Other global capitals and business hubs, including Sydney and Singapore in second and third, respectively, scored high in one or two pillars but failed to offer protections and opportunity simultaneously.

Cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore score high on safety but poorly on ensuring protections for women at the very bottom of the labor ladder.  A significant number of women workers in these cities are employed as domestic cleaners, cooks, or nannies, and are either not formally registered as part of the labor market or simply not surveyed through regular data collection methods

European capitals such as Berlin, Paris, and London scored high because of strong maternity and legal rights. Gender pay reporting in these European cities also helps ensure a more equitable workforce. However, they rated poorly on safety.

While businesses have limited direct influence on some of the quality-of-life factors with respect to the cities their employees live in, their hiring and promotion policies can certainly be one way they can contribute towards more equity for women in the workplace, irrespective of the cities they live in.  The attorney at Outside Legal Counsel LLP can help ensure that businesses are in compliance with laws that are already in place to protect women in the workplace.  

Quality of Life For Women in 15 Top Business Cities

Scores based on survey responses and data across five “pillars”


Toronto 3.66

Sydney 3.59

Singapore 3.59

Paris 3.57

London 3.52

Berlin 3.48

Tokyo 3.29

Hong Kong 3.23

New York City 3.22

Amsterdam 3.21

Dubai 3.21

Los Angeles 3.15

Seoul 3.01

Beijing 2.88

São Paulo 2.68

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