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October 25, 2023

Legal News

October 25, 2023

Don’t Expect The Same Raise You Got Last Year

According to a report from Bloomberg, companies are scaling back their budgets for merit raises in the upcoming year, which may come as a surprise to employees who have experienced two consecutive years of salary increases.

In a survey conducted by Aon Plc, which gathers compensation data from over 5,500 employers in the United States, it was found that merit raises are expected to average around 3.7% across all industries next year. This marks a slight decrease from the 3.9% increase seen this year, as companies tighten their labor budgets and inflation begins to recede from the high levels of the previous year.

A separate survey conducted by workplace consultant Mercer also indicates a similar trend, with merit-based salary increases projected to be at 3.5% for the next year, down from 3.9% in 2023.

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