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September 12, 2016

Legal News

September 12, 2016

September 2016 Newsletter

Dear valued clients and supporters: This month's newsletter will focus on: (1) graduate students' right to organize; (2) the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace Executive Order; and (3) how to protect a business in the event of a divorce.

Graduate Student Unions

In a recent ruling, the National Labor Relations Board determined that graduate student assistants working at private colleges and universities are "employees" as defined by the National Labor Relations Act. As "employees," graduate students will have the right to organize, form a union, and collectively bargain. This decision was an explicit reversal of an NLRB ruling from 12 years ago in which the Board found that graduate student assistants were not employees. For further details on the NLRB ruling and its potential impact, an in-depth article can be found here on our website.

Fair Pay and Safe Workplace

The final rules implementing the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace Executive Order have been issued and will go into effect starting October 25, 2016. Businesses that engage with the federal government through contracts are specifically advised to understand the requirements of the Order. The Order bars contractors and subcontractors with certain labor law violations from being eligible to receive federal contracts. A more in-depth article on the Order's requirements and implementation schedule is now posted here on our website.

Protecting a Business From Divorce

When starting a business or getting married, planning for the failure of either is often the last thing on anyone's mind. However, people inevitably change and so do many relationships, and an unprepared business owner who finds themselves in the middle of a divorce will be shocked to discover the impact it has on the company. Business owners are cautioned to carefully plan how a potential divorce, especially one involving multiple business partners, could impact the business. An in-depth article will be posted to our website next month on this issue.

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