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December 22, 2022

Legal News

December 22, 2022

The Office Holiday Party

Tis the season and back are office holiday parties! Office holiday parties come in all shapes and forms. From simple affairs to extravagant blow-outs. Across the country, employers and employees are celebrating the end of the year and most of these events take place off premise, during or after work hours and sometimes (usually) involve some level of alcohol offerings and consumption. While a good time is had by most, some end up having way too much fun. Lines are sometimes crossed between colleagues, clients and guests and the crossing of that line can lead to liability if you are an employer or termination of employment if you are an employee.

Assuming employers have adopted a written policy, employers should consider reminding employees about the application of the Company’s code of conduct to off-premise workplace events. And Employees (irrespective of whether they have received an employment manual containing a code of conduct) should be mindful that behavior that is deemed inappropriate or in violation of the company’s code of conduct or the law, could lead to discipline, including but not limited to termination for cause.

On that note, we wish all you a wonderful (and measured) time at your office holiday parties!Happy holidays and happy new year from your trusted counsel at Outside Legal Counsel LLP.

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